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Comprehensive JDI Research Service
Users receive access to JDI Research’s website where historical content can be accessed and intraday / intra newsletter specific thoughts or new trade ideas via email.

Users will also receive Juliette Declercq’s comprehensive macro trading roadmaps with one full report a month and intra reports when changes to the strategy are required.
Selectively rotated coverage will be based on relevance, opportunities and client demand throughout the FX, Emerging markets, equities, rates and commodities landscape.

Juliette Declercq spends a vast amount of time gauging her views versus consensus to ensure her strategies are always tradable in the most efficient manner. The roadmap’s purpose is to help clients quickly understand what markets will obsess about on a given week, the pressure points and the most likely way markets will react to events as well as the trends/reversals Juliette recommends keeping on a trading radar.

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Premium JDI research Service
As a premium JDI Research subscriber, individuals will receive the same access as “Comprehensive” users but with expanded coverage and access to Juliette Declercq via interactive Bloomberg chat or email exchange throughout the day and on big events/data, large move or view change.

JDI Research limits Premium Memberships in order to be fully available to support premium clients with the time they require; please inquire as to availability.

JDI Research strongly believes that a CIO / Strategist relationship can be very profitable if the two sides really “click”, we are therefore happy to grant a month free trial to any professional interested in trying our service.

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