Founded by Juliette Declercq in 2016 JDI Research is the go-to macro research house for top investors.

JDI’s only focus is giving you complete confidence to navigate markets successfully. Our research provides clarity on underlying macro trends and the best, first-derivative risk/reward trades across asset classes – from FX to EM, fixed income, commodities, and equities. However, where JDI really stands out is by combining this clarity with genuine conviction. As Juliette explains,

“You achieve consistent returns by having the trade in the right size at key junctures – not just by having the trade on.”

By having just one macro thinker analysing trends and writing the research, our comprehensive reports offer clear and consistent insights. Our expert, Juliette Declercq, has 23 years’ experience in trading and advising. Her full dedication to JDI Research guarantees a unique continuity to the macro and trading calls and full accountability to the result.
Another source of JDI Research’s unparalleled conviction is Juliette’s strict “no ego” policy. This is how Juliette explains this major concept:

“At the start of my career, I felt defined by trading winners and losers. Markets go your way, you feel elated – validated. You want to embrace people in the street. Markets go against you, you feel like an imposter. You convince yourself the previous wins were pure luck. My edge is in my personal development: I have fully let go of my ego and even welcome the inevitable P&L retreats. Why? Because by understanding the reason for a loss, one often finds the path to clarity and the conviction to secure one of the few wins that make a year’s profits. This is my mission for you as one of my clients.”

Above all else, JDI’s analysis is strictly dedicated to risk takers. At JDI Research, we know from experience that to take a calculated risk, our clients must fully understand the thought process behind it before “pressing the button”. For this reason, Juliette crafts structured, transparent research with the support of her signature charts. Through these, Juliette highlights the primary market drivers and delivers quality macro forecasts that you can interpret quickly and clearly. Juliette’s extensive trading expertise then allows her “to connect the dots” and give timely, high-conviction trade recommendations.

If we had to define our work in a sentence? JDI Research is about cutting through the noise, providing a monthly roadmap for traders to navigate markets successfully and giving timely updates on game changers. At all times, Juliette keeps her eyes on the ball for you. Our premium clients also benefit from a daily customised presence to ensure they get full insight into her thought processes and trade ideas.

Services offered by JDI Research

JDI Comprehensive Trading Roadmap Service

As a JDI Research client, you’ll enhance your macro understanding through our precise analysis delivered in a full monthly report – a detailed analysis outlining insights supported by exclusive charts and tradable recommendations. In between reports you only hear from us if there is an action to be taken and if they are many, you’ll get all of them. We don’t generate additional unnecessary noise.
JDI Research covers various areas such as FX, emerging markets, stocks, rates, and commodities, adapting her coverage carefully based on what’s important and where the opportunities are.

Juliette Declercq’s roadmap acts like a guide, quickly showing important market focuses, areas of pressure, expected reactions to events, and noteworthy trends or changes that you should pay attention to for your trading decisions. Juliette is here to make your trading journey more informed and clear.

JDI Premium Service

Experience the pinnacle of market analysis with our Premium offering. Enjoy all the privileges of our “Comprehensive Trading Roadmap” membership, enhanced by extended coverage and direct engagement with Juliette Declercq via interactive Bloomberg chat or email. Benefit from her expertise throughout the day, pivotal events, significant data releases, major market shifts, or changes in perspective and also through a one-on-one meeting after the publication of the monthly report to ask questions or bounce ideas.
To ensure dedicated support, Premium Memberships are limited, a testament to our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our premium clientele.
Juliette believes in the power of a harmonious CIO/Strategist relationship.
Experience the potential firsthand – because when the connection is right, profitability follows.